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Not all moving companies in BC are created equal.

Here at Top Move, we offer proper packing supplies for your personal and commercial goods, ensuring optimum protection and safe transportation of all your belongings, no matter where you are moving in the greater Vancouver area.

We also offer FREE DELIVERY on moving supplies when you book with us, as well as partial or full packing services which is a service other local moving companies do not often offer. At Top Move Inc we differentiate ourselves with our service, professionalism and affordability!

Our Packing Supplies Prices

MOVING BOXES Size (Inches) Price (CAD) Unit
2 Cubic Foot Box 18 X 15 X 12.5H $3.99 Each
Description: This box is ideal for keeping your smaller, but heavier items packed together for easy transport. Whether moving your CD’s and DVD’s, or a library of books, magazines and decorative objects, this box allows you to pack heavier items in smaller groupings, without the strain of heavy lifting. 
4 Cubic Foot Box 18 X 18 X 20.5H $4.99 Each
Description: This medium sized moving box is ideal for pots and pans, some of your smaller home appliances, kitchen items and electronics, as well as photo frames and other such fragile items that you can package up with towels and linens to prevent breakage, all in one efficient sized box. 
6 Cubic Foot Box 20 X 20 X 26H $6.99 Each
Description: As one of our larger standard boxes, this moving box provides a more sturdy cardboard thickness, and is best for large-volume items such as cushions, pillows, bedding, towels and other such lightweight household goods. 
8 Cubic – or – China Barrel 18 X 18 X 26H $8.99 Each
Description: This box is our largest moving box with the added benefit of reinforced walls, making it ideal for dishes, stemware, serving plates, and other such heavy fragile items. 
Small Mirror Carton 37 X 3.5 X 27H $9.50 Each
Large Mirror Carton 47.5 X 4 X 32H $11.95 Each
Description: Our small mirror carton, as well as our large mirror carton both provides alternate sizes for the safe transport of your pictures and mirrors. They offer you the right dimensions for a snug fit in order to keep these items packaged properly, with still providing you with room for packaging material – such as our bubble wrap – to keep all fragile parts intact. 
Wardobe 23 X 21 X 49H $19.95 Each
Wardobe Rentals 23 X 21 X 49H $9.50 Each
Description: Our wardrobes provide a place for you to hang your clothes without having to fold them, saving you the hassle of a lot of extra ironing work once your move is complete. They allow for 2 feet worth of hanging space, helping you transport your closet items quickly and easily. 
Packing Paper 25 X 30 $18.50 10 lb
Tape $3.95 Per Roll
Bubble Wrap $9.80 Per Roll
Couch & Mattress Bags $17.50 Each
Tape Gun $10.98 Each
File Box $4.50 Each
Labels 10 Per Sheet $1.85 Per Sheet

Contact us to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and to discuss all your moving supply needs.

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