How to Safely Move Your Household Items During an ‘April Showers’ Move

As the saying goes ‘April showers bring May flowers’, but when it comes to moving, rain is not the ideal condition in which to keep your household items dry. So we want to help you with these tips on ‘How To Safely Move Your Household Items During an ‘April Showers’ Move’!

Check the Forecast

Moving is already a hefty chore, especially if you are choosing to pack and move all your belongings yourself. So taking the extra step to wrap your items in plastic might be added effort that wasn’t required if it is going to be a sunny day. So save yourself the time and effort by checking the forecast before wrapping all your items in plastic.

Wrap It Up

That being said, if there is rain in the forecast, then yes – wrap it up! You can purchase large industrial rolls of saran wrap, which is easy to use and will help keep your items dry while keeping your boxes from falling apart under wet conditions.

Mark Your Items Accordingly

Granted, there are things that wouldn’t get hurt if they did end up getting wet, but for items such as dry kitchen food goods – these should definitely be marked accordingly in order to safeguard against wet ruined food. Or, as an added precaution, any food items that shouldn’t come into contact with moisture should be put into a sealed cooler.

Slippery When Wet

Keep your floors dry and your safety in check by putting towels down on any slippery surfaces. This will keep you from having to clean up a wet mess, and also help protect anyone from accidently slipping.

Consider Hiring Residential Movers

We recognize that a residential move comes with it’s own set of challenges, but we lift that burden with trustworthy service and affordable pricing, ensuring your home is transferred with the attention to detail it deserves – no matter the weather!

The Added Precaution of Full Service Movers

Top Move Inc is also a full service moving company. We provide our customers with experienced Burnaby movers who will take care of your belongings and ensure “same state delivery”, meaning your items are delivered in the very same condition as when we picked them up. Whether you need us to package your larger belongings and big-ticket valuables, or you want to enjoy the convenience of packing up your entire home or office, no moving task is out of question.

If you’re looking for residential or commercial moving service this April, please give us a call at 1-877-867-6683, or use our online booking form. We are happy to provide you with a free comprehensive quote for your next move, delivering on our easy-to-use moving services right from the start!

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