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4 “To-Do’s” Before Moving in the Lower Mainland

There might seem like an endless list of “to-do’s” when you’re moving, but at TopMove we wanted to share what we think are the top “4 “To-Do’s” Before Moving in the Lower Mainland”, and help you better streamline your upcoming Langley Move, Coquitlam Move, Vancouver Move – or bordering communities move!

Don’t Bank On It

Changing your banking branch might seem inconsequential, but building a relationship at your local community branch is important. Although you might feel like your bank is simply a place where you deposit and withdraw funds, there may come a day when a car loan or home mortgage is needed, and knowing your bank personnel can truly help with those objectives.

Make the Necessary Medical Change-Over’s

It is seemingly very difficult to find a family doctor today, so getting a referral from your current doctor to a trusted colleague can mean the difference between acquiring a new local practitioner, and having to spend years waiting at the walk-in clinic.

In addition, be sure your MSP information is changed over to your new address; otherwise your insurance could come up against some hiccups.

Here’s An Odd One – Car Maintenance!

Tuning up your car might not seem high on the priority list before a move, but it is actually an excellent time to make sure everything under the hood is humming along nicely. Having a vehicle mishap in the midst of a move is more than a little frustrating …so avoid such things with a trip to the auto care shop pre-move.

Get Closure

Moving can be hard on the family – from the dog, to the kids, to elderly parents …it’s a transition of schools, parks, friends and familiar setting. So before you move, help the whole family get closure by:

  1. Visiting local spots and sharing your best memories and why they meant so much to each of you
  2. Hosting a going-away party so all the locals can come offer their well-wishes
  3. Walking through your home and talking about specific memories that happened and have the opportunity to laugh or cry about them
  4. Taking pictures anywhere and everywhere your family thinks was a significant place so you have a visual to cherish for years to come

Moving is often both a special and trying time, so don’t gloss over anything that might make a big difference in years to come.

At TopMove we’re here to help with all your Burnaby Moving Needs – both residential as well as commercial. We look forward to helping your family or company make an easy transition …so call us and let us know when we can do so!
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