How To Prepare Your Employees for Moving Office Locations

If you are faced with a corporate move in Metro Vancouver, you likely have quite a few people to orchestrate and help adjust to the situation, so we wanted to help you with a few tips on how to prepare your employees for moving office locations.

Make a List, Check it Twice

Although your company move may not be as exciting as Santa’s list he’s known to check twice, it is still important that whomever is in charge of your office relocation in Metro Vancouver, to have a list of what is being moved when.

At Top Move Inc, we assign a project supervisor to every office move to coordinate the move and to meet your timelines throughout the moving process.

Not only will this help your employees have a timeline for when they need to have their desk area packed and ready to go, it will also help the company as a whole to move without interruption, and to continue “business as usual” within your office.

Consider Designating Duties

Relocating your Lower Mainland office is a large task; so don’t shy away from designating duties. The receptionist likely has a good understanding of the courier and mailing systems, so he or she could be put in charge of having shipments forwarded to the new address, as well as things like closing down and setting up service with your internet provider, having the utilities shut down and set up in your new location etc.

Pump Up the Move with Your Team

Some people consider transitions difficult, and having to move offices can mean a further commute, new parking regulations – or other such concerns. So be sure to help reassure your employees of the upcoming move, and have a team meeting about all the new and exciting things their anticipated office location has to offer within their new working location.

When it comes to the relocation of your office, warehouse, or commercial property, a lack of planning and organization will cost you money, but our properly planned and strong coordination skills backed by our project supervisor will ensure a smooth transition, start to finish.

A corporate move can be a great team building exercise if executed well, and we are here to help you every step of the way!

Contact us to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation for your office moving needs in the Lower Mainland, and discover how simple a big move such as this can truly be.

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